3 Clues Your Girlfriend is Cheating on you

by Steve Clark on August 23, 2010

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

When you are in college it’s natural to spend a lot of time dating, so all the guys out there will want to know how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you. Nobody likes a skank, and there are some clues you will be able to follow to know for sure whether or not she has someone on the side. The first way to tell if your girlfriend is cheating is that she starts to ignore you, giving you less and less attention. If she starts to act differently and doesn’t hug or kiss you anymore, then she may be cheating.

Another way to tell that your girlfriend is cheating is if she is always telling you that she has to work or go to study sessions late at night. If you are constantly getting blown with some of these classic lame excuses, then you might want to start getting a little bit suspicious of what she is doing. Chances are that if she suddenly starts doing a lot of things at night and doesn’t want you around, she’s cheating.

If your girlfriend is always “too tired” to have sex or always seems to have a headache when you want to do it, then it’s possible that she might be doing it with another guy. Just look for any sudden changes in the way she acts, because it could be a sign that she’s either messing around with or dating another guy. In college there are a lot of girls that like to mess around with different guys, so you have to be aware of what all of the most common signs are. This will help you to recognize the signs that usually point to when a girl is cheating, so you can end it if you find out that’s what she’s been doing behind your back.

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