How to Flirt with Girls

by Bobby Rio on March 2, 2011

The Importance of Flirting With Women

You can be the most attractive guy in the bar, you can be the funniest, you can be the wealthiest. But all of it means nothing if you don’t know how to flirt.

Guy flirting with girl

By flirting with a girl, you are showing her that you’re interested. That you want to move the situation past just being friends. To do so, you have to use your body language in order to send her the signals that you’re interested in more than just hanging out. Doing so is simple as long as you keep these steps in mind:

1. “Tease” Her

This is the most valuable ways of flirting with a girl. Listen to what she’s saying and observe her, and then challenge her about certain parts of her personality. For instance, if she’s acting gullible or displays a wild side to you, give her a little nudge and jokingly mock her about this. Make sure not to be overly rude or you’ll come off simply as an asshole instead of a flirt.

2. Funny Banter

This is similar to the teasing line of flirting, but without mocking her. Instead, joke around in a harmless way to her based on something that is happening during the conversation. One of my favorite examples is, if the girl I’m with accidentally spills her drink (which happens more than you’d think), ask the bartender to cut her off for the night since she’s clearly drunk. It sounds a little lame on the page here, but trust me, something like this works.

3. Use Body Language Flirting

While a lot of flirting with girls happens through verbal communication, most of it is simply conducted through body language. A simple smile or touching her arm while talking or maintaining eye contact works hundreds of times more than a simple joke.

4. “Partners in Crime”

This is one of the my favorite flirting lines. What you’re doing is basically becoming partners in this crazy world around you. Sit at the bar (or wherever you’re at) and begin commenting on strangers that pass by. This puts you in a position with the girl where you are on the same wavelength, which creates a powerful sense of flirting.

For more techniques, check out my 10 tips for how to talk to women video below:

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