How to Lose Weight Effectively Like an MMA Fighter

by Heir to the Throne on December 31, 2009

Ok guys, as part of our back to school special, I wrote this article to arm the masses with six pack abs and nice figures (both guys and gals) to show off back to school. It is very rare to find a fighter below the heavyweight division with a less than stellar physique. Although known for their rigorous training, the secret to their lean bodies is proper nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you have a Ferrari if you don’t put good fuel in it, it will run like shit. So to get to the bottom line.


Before I expand on the nutrition element, you need to workout. To lose weight diet and exercise go hand and hand with each other so go to the gym, run a few laps, hit the punching bag, do SOMETHING to get your body running!


My diet follows the simple idea that you should not eat complex carbohydrates with protein on the same meal. By mixing carbohydrates w/ protein you are making your body work extra hard to digest every time you eat.


  • Protein with Salad: 3:00 hours to digest
  • Carbohydrates w/vegetable or salad: 1 hour 40 minutes to digest
  • Fruits: 15 minutes to digest
  • Fruits and Carbohydrates: 1 hour 40 Minutes
  • Fruits and Protein: 3:00 hours to digest
  • Protein and Carbohydrates: 7-10 HOURS TO DIGEST

*Fruits should be eaten by themselves, wait 15 minutes and you can have your carbohydrates or protein.

To make your metabolism work faster you need to eat every 3 hours on small portions. The only problem is if you mix carbohydrates with Animal protein (fish, chicken, steak, pork) it will take longer than 3 hours to digest. Making your body work extra hard and resulting in fatigue, sleepiness.


Morning: Fruits, Wheat Bread w. olive oil and Green Tea

15 Minutes Before Lunch: Fruit

Lunch: Protein, Salad or Vegetables

15 min Before Snack: Fruit

Snack: Wheat Bread or almonds

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta or brown rice, sweet potato and vegetables

30 min Before Bed: Almonds

So here it is, a simple game plan for you to follow to help you lose weight. Follow this for now and I will provide more articles expanding on this knowledge and keep everyone looking and feeling great!Sean Sherk is among the most fit in MMA

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